Newspapers Need to Change

November 16, 2008

We have watched with amazement at the rapid disintegration of newspaper stocks, and the unbelievably late realization that they were in the middle of a pronounced crisis. We listened with shock as CEOs of like Mary Junck of LEE held quarterly conference calls that ignored the significance of the internet. Now, they are paying the price. Just last week, newspaper execs convened for a newspaper crisis summit. Well, we have a message: it is almost too late.

Our clients are newspapers that realized this problem a long time ago, and appointed execs who understand new technology, are not wedded to newspaper traditions, and are able to make change, now. Our technologies are driving new revenues for them, as other papers linger and suffer.

Wikimetro has communicated with execs at more than 50 newspaper groups and companies, and has an amazing email record of their replies. In the coming weeks, we’ll post on this blog the dialogue that we’ve had with these people, so if you want to understand what is happening at these papers, or if you are one of these papers and are clueless about why your company is tanking, you will have a clear answer.


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