High School Sports

October 3, 2008

We are working with a newspaper group in the mid-west to provide SMS updates for high school sports games in the area where their newspapers are distrbuted. It is going well, and makes sense for everyone. It works like this. the 40+ high schools in the Plano, Texas area have active sports teams, including football, which attract big crowds.

Nearby businesses, like restaurants, want those fans to visit them after the game, or at other times during the week, however they longer place ads with the newspaper, since it has become less well-read in recent years, and is distributed to a larger area than the vicinity of the high school, so ad prices are too high for the local businesses.

The newspaper, which has only a few sports writers, finds students or parents to send SMS updates during the game, usually when one team scores, and rarely more than 12 for a full game, and the newspaper gives them a pizza coupon for doing this. Attached to each SMS is an advertisement from local businesses, such as “Come to Joe’s Pizza for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free after the game.”

The newspaper gets pure profit on this, since it isnt paying its writers to attend the games, and doesnt have to print or distribute a newspaper for this. Pure sales, plus whatever it can make by also putting the RSS feed on its own website and selling ads for that.


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